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Organizing your affairs before your health changes, or jumping in unexpectedly for a loved one upon their passing, can be a very difficult and emotional process.  Our service follows a secure process of organizing all the important and relevant information while identifying and addressing gaps in the information that could cause problems as the estate is managed.


We are a trusted advisor to your Trustee or Executor and we offer a full tax and accounting staff that will perform forensic accounting, estate tax returns as well as the estate dashboard and gap analysis. 


When an estate service makes sense:

  • When the affairs of the estate are too overwhelming or complicated for a family member, Executor or Trustee to manage on their own.

  • When the estate is complex and has business entities, real estate properties, tax issues or a need for forensic accounting.

How does it work?  Davis Financial will assign an Estate Specialist to you who is assisted by our tax, accounting and bookkeeping experts.  The Specialist will work with you to "get your ducks in a row", and help you manage your affairs.

How much does it cost?  We ask for a retainer up front that you work down as we bill hours against the retainer.  You only pay for hours actually worked at an hourly rate.  We return any unused retainer at the end of the project.  Your total cost depends on how many hours we work on your estate, which depends on how much of the service is used and how complex your estate is.  You can call us for an estimate which we can provide after an initial interview with you.

Do we work with other professionals? Yes! We work with attorneys, financial planners, tax professionals, real estate agents, contractors, and accountants.  We actively network with other professionals who find value in our service, and we are happy to work with ones that you may already have.

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Estate Service

Step 1: Create a secure Estate Dashboard, of all your contacts, relevant information, creditors, assets, liabilities and sources of funding. This is an essential tool for any estate, which can be of use to advisors, probate court, trustees and heirs.  All the information we collect for you is encrypted and secure.

Step 2: Create an Estate Plan, to fill gaps between your aspirations and goals and what you have currently in place.  All estates have gaps and these are usually what create the problems later on in the case of incapacitation or death.  This is not a plan with finanical products being sold to you.  We do not sell anything other than our hourly service.  The plan is a set of directives that address gaps identified in the dash-boarding process.

Step 3: Advise the Estate, we perform necessary tasks including tax returns and forensic accounting, creditor negotiations, asset liquidation, distributions and estate management under the direction of the Executor or Trustee of your estate or trust.

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