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Do you know that MOST TAX PROBLEMS WITH THE IRS start because of a serious event in your life?


  • A spouse dies

  • You filed a tax return but couldn’t pay

  • You started your own business and didn't account for self-employment tax

  • You had to take money out of retirement and owe tax

  • You had a serious family crisis and depleted your available cash


If you ignore the IRS, they can make your life miserable. They can be worse than any bill collector. They have the power to be very aggressive, but typically ease off if you show that you are willing to fix the problem.   We can stand in your corner.


Here are the kinds of things we do to help:


  • Get levies and bank account seizures released

  • Get you set up on a payment plan

  • Get the IRS to back off and settle down

  • Get you an Offer In Compromise, if you are eligible


It's a collaboration between you, the IRS, and us to find and implement a solution that works for everyone.



Tax Service Poulsbo, Kitsap County
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